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Re: Carl Sagan and Marijuana

Author:Greg Pierce
Posted:8/23/1999; 11:20:36 AM
Topic:Carl Sagan and Marijuana
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First...I agree with Jacob that MJ has negative side effects (i didn't make the original statement to that effect). But your desire for proof that it does not lead people astray toward other drugs is not something that can be proved in our modern environment.

There is certainly absolutely nothing inherent in the use of MJ that leads one to a desire for herion, cocaine, etc. That's an environmental issue. The reason MJ leads to harder drugs is because it is illegal. To buy it and use it, you are forced into an environment that these other substances will be offered to you. You'll find that alcohol created these same carryover effects during prohibition--which contributed to the demonistic perception of MJ and ultimately it being made illegal (although DuPont had more to do with that).

Second, sugar is not necessary nutrition. Carbohydrates are. Naturally occuring sugars and starches in fruit/veggies and grains are more than enough to fill our needs for carbohydrates...Sugar as an additive has no nutritional value, and--I think--can therefore be classified as a drug. Soda, candy, etc. is what I'm talking is only consumed in those instances for it's drug qualities, not it's nutritional benefits. It's a quick boost of energy. It's an upper.

I don't want your kids to do any of these substances. I don't want my kids (when I have them) to either. I'm personally of the opinion a lot less would if it were treated as a health issue, not a legal issue. Certainly a lot less kids in our cities would end up in jail.


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