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A Flash WP?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/28/1999; 11:49:47 AM
Topic:more on Flash...
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But I think Generator is far to expensive. They demand a licence at $3000 bucks for each processor on the webserver and $500 per developer using the developers suite.

Macromedia's problem with Generator may be bigger than just the price.

I spent some time this morning with the sample apps they have on their website. Some of them were interesting, in a way, but the site was eerily reminiscent of the demos for WebCollage, an early web app that did much the same thing. The author of WebCollage, David Dunham, describes it as a solution in search of a problem.

I've yet to see a compelling app for server-side dynamic graphics. But beautifully rendered text is a whole other story. To me, that's why Flash is so interesting.

A Flash WP?

Here's what I'd like to see. A cheap Flash-based word processor with very basic formatting commands. That way I could write some text, see what it spits out, and learn how the Flash format works. From there, it would probably be easy to make it so that Frontier generates Flash content on the server. I obviously have selfish reasons for wanting this, but since they opened the Flash file format, I think this also feeds MM's interest.

BTW, I suggested the Flash WP to lots of MM execs, including Norm Meyrowitz and Rob Burgess, the VP-Development and CEO of the company, respectively. I'm not sure if I've suggested it to Kevin Lynch, who's also a VP there. If anyone from MM is listening, consider it suggested once again.

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