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Re: Vocal Apple Users?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/8/1999; 10:16:13 AM
Topic:Vocal Apple Users?
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I understand! I totally get it. It would have been beautiful if Apple had responded by saying "Ooops! We didn't know some users would want that. Thanks for letting us know." Instead they openly blow off their most speed-addicted customers. I mean that Apple should keep stuff like that off page one, not Wired, and not the vocal users. I think this is a Steve Jobs blind spot, one that Doc Searls will always get credit in my mind for exposing so well.

"It was a nasty move, but bless his ass: Steve's art has always been first class, and priced accordingly. There was nothing ordinary about it. The Mac "ecosystem" Steve talks about is one that rises from that Art, not from market demand or other more obvious forces. And that art has no more to do with developers, customers and users than Van Gogh's has to do with Sotheby's, Christie's and art collectors."

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