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Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:9/9/1999; 6:44:41 AM
Topic:rss channels via email
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BTW, every time I talk with Jon Udell he says we should just use I'm thinking about that too.

I think dmoz could be a great idea, esp. if you could convince them to implement xml-rpc in their backend. This way syndication engines could manage entries easily. There could be a catagory for "news syndication servers", and a "channels" entry in each subject catagory which has a channel. Channels could be added to the directory as they are added to the engines, and vice-versa.

This seems to me to be a place where UserLand and dmoz could partner to implement an incredibly powerful system, as a service and as an example to other syndication engine implementors.

One last thought: by using dmoz as a central registry, a vertical news portal could watch several specific topic categories in the directory, and add channels as they appear. This could be used for good or evil, and would have to be worked out in a way which was equitable to the channel owner, lest content be used in a way which was contrary to the owner's desires. (This of course could bring us back to the earlier controversy over scraping and content usage, but I'm trusting that horse is dead.)


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