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Re: Summary of recent XML-RPC developments

Author:Don Hopkins
Posted:9/9/1999; 10:36:59 PM
Topic:Summary of recent XML-RPC developments
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Fresco! Aaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Don't tell me that's old joke still kicking around! What a FIASCO!

CORBA is DEAD. Remember Open Doc? That was the last hope CORBA had of getting a gui, and it's flushed down the toilet of history.

Fresco was something like three generations behind Open Doc -- it was the great object oriented C++ toolkit that was going to save the world from the X Toolkit. Guess what -- it didn't.

I can't believe anyone's still beating that dead old horse.

CORBA is a big overblown joke that's not even funny any more. If you're still cheerleading for it, in the hopes that it might be a useful weapon in the war to vanquish Microsoft (as the linux cheerleaders put it), then the joke's on you.

OK, maybe CORBA's not "stone age", but it's just SOOOO early 1990's. Remember back when everybody thought that C++ was going to save the computer industry?


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