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Re: Design Challenge: Feature Request Page

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/10/1999; 6:27:31 AM
Topic:Design Challenge: Feature Request Page
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We could take this direction, but I don't know if it would bear a lot of fruit. A few quick responses:

1. For a lot of things people ask for, there's no bottleneck. If it's implemented in scripts, as much of the functionality in Frontier is, you don't have to wait for UserLand.

2. There's a problem with telling a customer no, esp on a public list. And what to do when one customer asks for something that would break 100 others? How do we tell them that without them feeling hurt? We've been trained to say nothing, that way no one flames us.

3. It's a tired idea that open sourcing something alone would improve the development environment.

4. My hope for this site is that the art of feature requests would move forward. That instead of getting spur of the moment ideas, the ones with lasting value would rise to the top, and that other people in the Frontier space would take responsibility for not only having ideas, but also evaluating them.

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