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Re: Possible Good Uses for Local Proxy

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:9/15/1999; 5:57:19 PM
Topic:New Third Voice version out
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What I am hoping/planning to do is to distribute just the prefsSuite table, but within a subtable of my root. (With a pointer to the full download) This is so that I can get it through a root updates process and not make the user download/install extra stuff.

On startup, my #startup script will check for user.databases.[prefs.root] and defined(prefsSuite) and not ( @prefsSuite == [mailserver.root].prefsSuite.) If either is defined, I'll leave prefsSuite in the subtable and no one will ever know the difference. If not, I'll put it in the root level of the mailserver.root. If later they download prefs.root, That same check will move it back into the subtable.

Either that or I'll tell people to go download and install it, as well as traping the calls to prefsSuite.browser in the web interface and give a link to the prefs.root.


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