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Re: New Third Voice version out

Author:Jonathan Hendry
Posted:9/15/1999; 7:02:38 PM
Topic:New Third Voice version out
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"Stick that note in every copy of the magazine, and now you're closer to what Third Voice does. And that would get you in trouble in the real world."

Not really. Third Voice is like an alternate distributor for the magazine, which offers the service of selling pre-stickied magazines.

The people getting stickied magazines *want* stickied magazines. Third Voice is *not* the same as someone inserting stickies into every extant copy of a magazine. That implies that everyone is getting stickies whether they want to or not. This is not the case with TV.

An iffy comparison to ponder would be the video store which offered a service for customers: for a nominal fee, customers could bring in their legally-purchased copy of 'Titanic', and the video store would physically cut out the sexy bits. The video store wasn't selling modified tapes, they were selling the act of modification. James Cameron complained, but I don't know what the result was.

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