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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/18/1999; 7:37:56 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Prefs.root is a Frontier 6 application that allows a group of web servers to share per-user prefs, and provides an easy method for authoring UIs, based on XML and outlining.

Paul Tchistopolskii: W3C and Small Vendors.

Welcome to Nick Arnett, the VP Marketing of Invisible Worlds. I've known Nick since the early days of the Mac. This is excellent.

Naval Ravikant of epinions responds to questions raised in my tour of their site last weekend. "We can use our system to build a dynamic weblog, in which anyone on the net can submit a link and commentary on any given day. Then, when you come to the site, your trusted weblog is automatically built according to your trusted weblog-maintainer list. Such a dynamic weblog is custom-tailored for each individual and doesn't require each weblog author to write every day."

Mr. Ravikant was an early contributor to Scripting News. His comments top the Mail Page for 8/6/97. This counts for a lot here! He's a great writer, has a strong opinion, and doesn't mind sharing it. Thanks man.

The XML-RPC mail list is having a minor identity crisis. Should it be broad or focused? I voted in favor of making it broad. SOAP *is* a form of XML-RPC. I want to stay in touch with the people who are working on this stuff, and don't want to subscribe to a different mail list for each protocol.

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