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Re: If I were Microsoft's Marketing God

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:9/19/1999; 1:27:22 PM
Topic:If I were Microsoft's Marketing God
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I've been hitting the AOLServer-based site ( for a few weeks now, and I've yet to see it hiccup. Slashdot disappears from radar every once in a while (server crashing I would assume). uses an Oracle db to serve some of the content.

You're talking two different worlds. For a long time, slashdot was running on an ISDN line. (This was as recently as a few months ago) Their popularity has been growing quickly. Their pages are high on tables, background colors, and take a long time to render on the client. They are using a superhonker caliber linux box at this point to serve prerendered dynamic content (rendered ~ every minute by a bunch of perl scripts). runs off of a big iron HP backed up by oracle and a T-3 line. They have had more traffic than god for a long time. Their pages are either static or dynamic database lookups. The pages themselves are lightweight and quick to render, but there are a lot of images that make the overall bandwidth requirements higher. And Phillip Greenspun has written 2 books about what he's learned doing that and other sites. Hemos and CmdrTaco just end up in the cartoons ;>


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