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Re: Icon mania!

Author:Ned T. Baugh
Posted:9/24/1999; 9:00:08 PM
Topic:A new groupware feature
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I'm replying here for the sole purpose of seeing if the glossary can be "updated". I inadvertantly "registered" with my old email account, and this is to test re-logging in.

And an excuse to use more of those cool icons ";->".

"zeldman.rob""zeldman.sassy2""zeldman.rob""zeldman.sav""zeldman.rob""zeldman.rob""""zeldman.rob" "zeldman.sig" "zeldman.slyby" "zeldman.sig" "zeldman.slyby" "zeldman.sig" "zeldman.sig" "zeldman.slyby" "zeldman.sig"

However, I did cruise through the DG and found the link to, "Wesley Felter"'s cool image page (mental note to self, surf for 20 minutes prior to posting questions).

"zeldman.39xu" "zeldman.134006" "zeldman.39xu" "zeldman.134006" "zeldman.39xu" "zeldman.134006" "zeldman.39xu"

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