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Frontier Reliabilty in question.....?

Author:Neil McLeish
Posted:9/25/1999; 4:23:04 AM
Topic:Frontier Reliabilty in question.....?
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Hi all. Yesterday, Steve Hooker and myself noticed something we hadn't been expecting. Previously, we had been using OS8.6 with 1b2 and we had been getting Frontier hanging on an intermittent basis. After scouring the newsgroups, Steve had found only one other person who had been experiencing this problem and nobody could replicate it. It had been suggested that there may be a compatibility problem between Frontier & OS 8.6, so Steve installed OS 8.nothing and had another go. Still happens. When a user is editing a page or simply viewing a page on the site, after anything between two minutes and 5 hours, Frontier will, as we say in th UK, throw a wobbly. The time stops, and everything hangs (not the OS, just Frontier).

Could it be possible that the Mac's pre-emptive multitasking and Frontier's multi-threading are falling over each other? (We have not had the problem on NT).

It might be worthwhile someone with the technical knowhow running a process watcher of some sort to see how the Mac system and Frontier interact with each other on a base level. Might there be a memory addressing problem?

Whatever the reasons, this problem is persistent on our system and is causing great headaches. I am new to Frontier and already love it to bits for all that it can do but these seemingly unpredicatble problems could do some real damage to its reputation as a stable server system if they are not sorted out soon.

I guess it is a job for the big boys (so to speak) as they are the ones who should know all of Frontier's foibles. Let's face it, this is programming we are talking about, not magical mystery.

Cheers, good luck and all the best.

P.S.: Thanks to Brent Simmons for his quick response to my message 'HTTP Responses.. Urgent help required please' Much appreciated.

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