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Re: Frontier Reliabilty in question.....?

Author:DJ Feldmeyer
Posted:9/26/1999; 5:19:04 PM
Topic:Frontier Reliabilty in question.....?
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I experience Frontier hangs on Macintosh (from Sys 7.5 to 8.6) under two circumstances, both related to networking.

1. If the NT network I'm logged into via AppleShare has a hiccup while Frontier is trying to mount a volume, Frontier can hang. I can't be more specific than 'hiccup' because IT won't look into it for me, but I know it does not involve a server crash.

2. If I'm serving with Frontier and disconnect from my ISP, Frontier will not respond until the connection is restored. I can't quit or shutdown under this circumstance unless I kill Frontier or reconnect.

HIH, dj

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