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Topic:Salon Magazine article ("Do penguins eat apples?")
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Each market delivery mechanism has its pros and cons. Apple might be a ad anal retentive when it comes to hardware and software control but then I went and downloaded a copy of More 3.1 (made in 1990?) and ran it on my G3 laptop. I also pulled the hard drive out of my old 6100 nad popped it into a new Powermac and booted it...all my programs ran.

Thw more open system that has allowed Wintel systems to prosper certainly has made the hardware cheap and almost omni-present but at the price of usability (at least in terms of hardware) and backward compatibility. The only real reason that Wintel machines have something approaching the same ease of use of Macs is that Microsoft has come in and enforced the sort of centralised tactics that you seem to think are such a negative when Apple does them.

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