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Re: Still diggin!
Posted:10/4/1999; 2:52:24 PM
Topic:Five years of Davenet
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Hey Dave!

A few ideas for your fifth birthday celebration:

+ Invite a small group of the _younger_ web entreprenuers to write informally about how they view the web's future. Importantly, don't offer immediate commentary on what they write. Take what they say in, let your readers discuss it, and respond in a DaveNet in a week or so! (Penguincomputing's Sam Ockman and Marc Andreesen would be a good start.)

[Do they talk about eyeballs, click-throughs, and Microsoft's power? I bet not!]

+ Talk about what motivates you to write certain DaveNets. What prompts the more philosophical ones? How do DaveNet pieces reflect what's happening in your life?

+ Or, talk about love the way you did in early DaveNets. It's still the only thing that matters, right!

Best. Robb Beal

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