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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/6/1999; 1:42:45 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Through the magic of syndication, now on the Scripting News home page there's a box down the right edge containing the most recent dozen stories from Salon, Red Herring, Wired and Motley Fool. This is the first time that syndicated content is being displayed off the My.UserLand home page.

Here's the script that generates the box.

InfoWorld: "People think just because it is open-source, the result is going to be automatically better. Not true. You have to lead it in the right directions to succeed. Open source is not the answer to world hunger," Torvalds said.

[[Web/Standards/XML-RPC/Email]]XML-RPC Interface for Email. "If you had our goal -- high-volume scriptable email thru XML-RPC, what platform choices would you make and what email source code base would you build on?"

Wes Felter says that postfix is faster than sendmail. Wes did the first dynamic server framework in Frontier, also known as Betty.

Eric Soroos says that the hard part is the API. Eric maintains a full mail server in Frontier. Looks like we're going to need to buy another NT machine soooon. "qbullet.sidesmiley"

Bob Atkinson expresses approval. Bob is one of two MS guys I worked with on XML-RPC. Along with Tony Williams, Bob was the co-architect of COM. His support means a lot to me!

[[UserLand/Frontier/Community]]Last call for Support Associates for 2000. If you've checked off that you want to be considered, please be sure that your Frontier Developer prefs panel has been filled out. Thanks!

Marc Canter offers a pretty good hint about his secretive project. Now I guess it's OK to point you to the JLG story that's my hint.

10/7/95: Welcome Back Jean-Louis. "Extend your right arm. Pull your pinky to your palm. Same with the fourth finger and your thumb. Extend your index and middle fingers and pull them together. Move your arm so that these two fingers are directly under your nose. Sniff shortly three times." Smells good!

Jorn Barger's Weblog Resources FAQ credits NCSA's What's New page as being the first weblog. I think Tim Berners-Lee actually ran the first weblog, which was also the first WWW site,

BTW, Scripting News was not my first weblog. The first was the News page for 24 Hours of Democracy, February 1996. After that I did the Frontier News & Updates page, and then on 4/1/97, switched to Scripting News.

There's an egroups mail list on weblogs. I just subscribed.

NY Times: Google Keeps Search Simple. "Rather than viewing portals like Yahoo! and Lycos as competitors, Brin sees those companies as potential customers. The plan for Google, he says, is to build a better search engine and generate revenue by licensing its technology to other companies."

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