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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/7/1999; 5:30:16 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: Five Years of DaveNet.

Matt Neuburg's Membership tutorial.

Danny Goodman: Getting Ready for the W3C DOM.

Lawrence Lee on eBay's Blockade Strategy.

On the XML-DEV list, Kent Sievers is disillusioned about interoperability.

Andrew Wooldridge started a thread on MacroMedia's WhirlWind project, their template for content management, asking me to ask them to support XML-RPC interfaces. Of course I think they should, we'll pitch them on it when we ship Manila, at that point the value of a connection should be totally apparent.

Faisal Jawdat: Using Frontier with DreamWeaver.

InfoWorld: Informix and XML. "Internet Foundation.2000 will soon support hierarchical XML data storage, allowing the import, export, storage, and querying of XML structures in their native hierarchical format."

Philip Greenspun: Introduction to AOLServer, Part 4.

In the rush to get the affiliate interface out, I overlooked that we have a new public interface for people to test their XML-RPC clients against.

9/3/99: "In our system, each story has a *single* location, the site where it originated. We think this is the way the web was meant to work. Stories can live and grow while new information is obtained. Comments from readers can add new facts and ideas and link to other related stories."

The first DaveNet, five years ago today. Churn!

10/7/97: Three Years of DaveNet. "I'd like my legacy to be that I helped people be kinder to each other, to find more fun in other people, not to be so threatened by the differences between people."

Press release: Macromedia merges with Andromedia. "The merger will result in the industry's first closed loop eMarketing solution that combines personalization and analysis with Macromedia's family of Web publishing software." Closed?

MSNBC: Geek Peak Erodes into Brand Canyon. "This is a place for solutions. But with all the solutions, I only want to know one thing: What's the problem?"

Red Herring: Interwoven Swinging for the Bleachers. "After all is said and done, when it comes to today's IPO market, it isn't a company's business model that's important, nor is its profit and loss statement. Each IPO is chum in the water for the day traders' feeding frenzy." Chum.

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