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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/18/1999; 6:17:23 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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AP: Starr Quits.

CNN: Starr will be Larry King's guest, 6PM Pacific.

Breaking news from AP. The Ten Worst Websites. Holy cow! Hamster Dance is one of them!

One more time! ";->"

Fortune's Brent Schlender interviews Microsoft's Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. "Windows is a very different computing platform than we started with. But people can use the same development tools they've always used and run the same code, and they don't have to write all their programs in some religious new language." Thanks!

Salon interviews Exodus's Ellen Hancock. "It's really fun to walk through a data center and see all of the different site setups. Even if you've seen a hundred sites, each one gives you a different feel. You'll go by one with DEC Alphas and Cisco routers; the next one has an NT front end and Solaris back end. Everyone sets up their site differently. They are all different in structure, and we have to be ready for that. If a customer has Linux we can support them, if they have NT we can support them, if they have Mac we can support them."

Dan Gillmor: Subversive Software. "More thoughtful critics worry that Microsoft might decide that this kind of software is a natural part of the operating system, thereby inviting the entire world to mess up Internet content that content providers have spent years creating."

The table of contents for the November issue of Linux Magazine. Don't bother clicking on the links, the stories are only for readers of the print magazine. What is it about the Linux magazines that struggles so with the worldwide web? What is it that they fear?? What's so great about dead trees and the Postal Service?

NY Times: "Graying nerds who recall the Balkanization of Unix into a slew of incompatible operating systems may be reliving history with the proliferation of Linux brands."

Fredrik Lundh: Guide to the Standard Python Library. "256 pages, 320 scripts."

Press release: Iona iPortal Suite. "IONA's support for SOAP in IONA iPortal Suite will help organizations integrate the Web and the enterprise."

Sendmail.Net is launching this week with interviews with Open Source luminaries.

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