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Re: RSS Issues: Comments requested

Author:Dan Libby
Posted:11/14/1999; 10:49:47 PM
Topic:RSS Issues: Comments requested
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Dave, I think we can simply call it or even just . If we were to get really crazy, we could add a type attribute, perhaps defaulted to iso8601. This might allow for unix timestamps (seconds since 1970) which is something I've wanted to see, but which I finally got beaten into my head was not acceptable for a default. Alternatively, that could just be a separate element, .

The other problem to think about, is what does this Date field actually represent? Presumably, it is the publish date of the article. But it could also be the creation date or the last modified date (or others I can't think of right now). One solution is to create an element for each; another is use an attribute.

Anyway, I apologize for not adding this to the 0.91 spec. A bunch of people wanted it, but truth be told, I was too lazy to add the date validation code in the time given. Plus, there was the above issue. Definitely should be fixed in 0.92+.

I think the key thing though, is to avoid making RSS hard to a) use, b) implement and c) validate.


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