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XMLTR - proposed changes - feedback sought

Author:Paul Howson
Posted:11/25/1999; 4:02:28 PM
Topic:XMLTR - proposed changes - feedback sought
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Please read this if you are using the xmltr suite. (xmltr translates xml into html or other formats).

Since xmltr was released in October 1998, Ive had the opportunity to apply it in a number of website projects. From this experience has come ideas for improvements and refinements to xmltr.

In addition, a number of users of xmltr have suggested changes and improvements.

Before proceeding with a new release of xmltr, Id like to present a summary of the changes being considered.

Some of these changes may affect existing applications of xmltr, so Id like to hear from any users who are concerned that any of the proposed changes might cause difficulties.

Changes are being proposed in the areas of:

- Supporting multiple translation tables

- Revised handling of entity translation

- Translating the root node of a parse tree

- Change to naming of special entries in translation tables

- Caching of translation rules

A detailed writeup about these proposed changes can be found at:

Please read the detailed writeup and provide any feedback to me at:

Also, if there are any other specific changes you would like to see incorporated, please let me know.

Paul Howson.

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