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How are we doing?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/27/1999; 10:44:23 AM
Topic:How are we doing?
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I'm working on a product briefing site for Monday and was wondering if any of the Newbies had something they noticed about Manila that we're not already saying.

To get an idea of the kinds of things we are saying, check out the slide show:

Usually when I read a company press release I spot something the company missed about their own product. I'd like to write a substantial press release, backed up by an informative website, so I'm interested in knowing what you think Manila is, and esp what it will be.

What do you plan to do with Manila? What are its greatest strengths? Opportunities for improvement?

Do you see Manila as groupware? A place to develop your personal ideas? A reason to launch a business?

Is it a home product, education product, business product?

If you're not a Manila user, but have been getting hit with hype about it, what's the single most confusing thing about Manila?

To those who were perplexed and now are not, what fact did you learn that made the lightbulb go on?

Send responses publicly or privately. I'll assume it's OK to quote you unless you say otherwise. If possible include a URL to your website. Title and organization.

Thanks very much..


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