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Re: Netscape and CSS

Author:James Spahr
Posted:12/10/1999; 10:19:32 AM
Topic:Netscape and CSS
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James (and everyone else):

If you're a CSS developer, how have you been able to negotiate this minefield in your sites? It seems that Netscape completely negates any benefits of CSS for me, since I am pretty sure that there will be one or two users that use Netscape, and I can be totally sure that reliance on CSS on my part will mean a lack of site visits on their part; some developers have even had to shut down their sites to Netscape users because they were sick of Netscape-related hate mail regarding machines that completely crashed when viewing parsable CSS.

Jason, it can be done. I don't have problems when I only define abstract classes (ie, I never redefine an html tag's class). Then I use span and div tags (or class attributes in p & td tags) to assign sections of the document class.

The strathmore web site is done like this. And the new designframe site will be completely css when I'm done with it (I'm CSS for posistion as well as type). I've managed to avoid the Netscape issues.


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