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Re: Netscape and CSS

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:12/10/1999; 10:01:31 AM
Topic:Netscape and CSS
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Well, what's actually happening is that Netscape is taking the time to do it right and not ship a browser full of incomplete support for standards. Mozilla will be 100% css1, html4.0, xml, ecmascript compliant. And it will have substantial support for css2 and other newer standards. I believe developers will author to standards, not to just whatever is dominant.

What question did you have of Eric? I will go to him myself and ask it if you like. It's easy to be critical. Have you tried out the latest build of mozilla? Dont you really believe that if Netscape had shipped an earlier but buggy release that they would be flayed alive and really be discounted? Instead we're doing it right the first time. I believe that this strategy will pay off in the end.

Oh and by the way, can you send me the url for the IE installer for linux?

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