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Re: Netscape and CSS

Author:Jason Levine
Posted:12/10/1999; 1:04:12 PM
Topic:Netscape and CSS
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Unfortunately, while Netscape is "taking time to do it right," their current offering is buggy as all hell, and at least according to Jeffrey Zeldman, is totally unwilling to address those bugs. (Note that we're not talking about merely display bugs here; Jeffrey's site was crashing browsers completely, and the CSS was 100% validated. Not really acceptable, no matter what Netscape's motives for 5.0 are.)

You're right, I author to standards. Right now, that means that I am seriously considering having code in my pages that tells Netscape users that their browser doesn't adhere to those standards, and as such, they won't be able to look at most of my site. Life sucks, but then again, they can always talk to their browser developer and see if it's willing to fix the problems. Oh, wait, that's right... Zeldman already did that, and Netscape isn't.

And as for your Linux comment -- Netscape better be careful. You're right, IE doesn't exist for Linux, but Opera is about to (last I heard, the beta's right around the corner), and its support for CSS runs circles around Netscape's. The Netscape feeling of entitlement to the Linux browsing community is about to shift wildly.


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