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Re: Netscape and CSS

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/11/1999; 10:31:15 AM
Topic:Netscape and CSS
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Saying that this is an Earth-shattering move

Who said that?

What a time-waster. Now someone has to tell you that no one ever said that.

FWIW, I had a peek behind the scenes at Netscape and they had a huge mess to clean up. Yes, it matters that they have a new code base. It must be horribly demoralizing to the team working on their product to have to put up with the kinds of pot-shots people take at them.

I know how hard people can be on engineers. Do it somewhere else. Right now I'm getting pelted with messages just like the one you've posted here. I don't like it when it's done to me, and I like it no more when it's done to someone else. All those engineers at NS could quit and get new stock options elsewhere. We need a second and third and fourth browser if the web is going to be a market.

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