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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/12/1999; 10:16:08 AM
Topic:Participatory democracy
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I suddenly find myself exhilarated.

Me too! It's a thrilling experience. The web is very different from a DG or mail list. Each of them has their own space. No one has to respond to anyone. No one even has to listen to anyone. It's totally opposite to the chaos of a Third Voice. The lines are very clear. On one side is Mozilla (I love their slogan, see the footer on each page) and the other side is Queso. They can both be totally rude to and dismissive of each other, and we can watch from the sidelines, or choose to state an opinion as I did yesterday. I've been wanting to tell Jason Levine off in public for a long time. There's never been an appropriate way to do that. Yesterday we found one. And no one was hurt, the POVs got expressed, and the flames, if they continue, will stay on the respective sites. (That's my sincere wish.)

It's amazing, there *is* a line in there. Someone should write this up with illustrations. That sounds like a job for misnomer.

A new set of names enter our vocabulary. It's beginning to sound like a macro to me.


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