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Author:Keola Donaghy
Posted:12/13/1999; 10:59:04 PM
Topic:Participatory democracy
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With all of the discussion of Mozilla recently on SN I got back in touch with some people at Mozilla who helped me do our Hawaiian translation of Communicator 4.05, entitled Ka Ho'okele.

I was amazed at how fast responses were coming from Rick Elliot, my previous contact there, and his replacement, Tao Cheng to questions about 5.0 and the localization/internationalization process.

To cut to the chase, I just started the localization process for Mozilla 5.0, and am using Frontier to store, edit, and generate the .dtd files that are used in the localization process. It converts our custom font system to UTF8 as the text is rendered, and if they allow me to do it, the files will get posted on the Mozilla site as I complete the translations. If not, I just save them locally and send them to Mozilla later.

I was really scratching my head on how to edit these files on a PC and type the UTF8 characters, or use our custom encoding to type and then later batch convert them to UTF8. It only took a few minutes of scratching for me to realize Frontier is ideally suited to doing this, even on my Mac.

Thanks Dave and Andrew for rolling with the discussion. I probably wounldn't have worked up the interest to get back into this mode.


PS, I'm going to have to change the name of the browser to Mo'ozilla. (Mo'o is Hawaiian for lizard).

PPS, FWIW, I downloaded the latest Mac Mozilla binaries (M12), and on a 128 meg beige G3 it takes 45 seconds to boot. I hope this improves.

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