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Re: Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?

Author:David Gewirtz
Posted:1/5/2000; 9:58:23 PM
Topic:Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?
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So far, your interface is nice. I've run WebCrossing for years, and I do like the ability to structure a tree of topics and subtopics (for example, issues of a publication, like December 1999, Jan 2000) and then topics under that (for example, article 1, article 2, etc). It may be possible to do it... I haven't tried, due to the issue below.

I'd love to integrate my discussion groups with the rest of the journal production system I built in Frontier. But the biggest issue, by far, is that we have a HUGE investment/resource/draw in established content contributed by readers on tbe boards and to start over would be economically unviable.

So, ideally, there'd be a way to port between the two products (Frontier and WebX). WebX does support XML in later versions, and I haven't investigated how that might work for us, integrated into our Frontier app, but if I were asked not about what feature I'd like most, but about what's the biggest block to my substituting Frontier for WebX, it'd be the conversion process.

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