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Webapps quickie

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:3/11/2000; 8:17:57 AM
Topic:Webapps quickie
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You asked me to give you some information about webapps, and I thought that I'd start a thread here to allow others to help out too. Here are my top 4 web apps:

Each of these takes on the "spirit" of a web-app. Being a wholly web based application, not just a "page with stuff".

Some web-app sites with a cool ui:

I really think that the range of applications possible with flash has really been untapped as of yet. I foresee a huge explosion of apps in this area.

It looks like right now IE has the most support in webapps, but once mozilla/netscape 6.0 is released, I can imagine there being many many XUL - based and regular DHTML based apps in mozilla as well.

Future predictions:

XML and js will dominate the web-app world

most web-apps will stay free with banner ads

Flash and SVG make great inroads in the web-app world.

Anyone else care to comment?

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