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Re: Unlock The Html object Element

Author:Phil Wolff
Posted:4/4/2000; 4:53:16 PM
Topic:Let's talk about macros
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The element in html and xhtml was designed to markup the content from this type of embeded script. It also provides the author the ability to cite a nested structure of alternative sources for same content based on which MIME types are understood by the server and client. It does so with out mangling the html, so that a document can be mirrored across different servers without being trashed.

Script language="NirvanaScript" type="text/frontier"

So an implementation of Pike, for instance, might

  • behave like a browser,
  • get a web page with a script in it, and
  • execute that Frontier script.


  • IE might get that page,
  • recognize the mime enclosure,
  • launch Pike and pass the mimed content,
  • Pike processes it, executing scripts or manipulating outlines or whatever you can get Pike to do,
  • Pike returns the results to the browser.

Perhaps a way to work around the peer-to-peer problems that firewalls pose to Pike now?

Also, this lets the Pike button launch Pike straight from the browser, with all the information it needs to do something.

- phil

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