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Re: Let's talk about macros

Author:Robb Beal
Posted:4/7/2000; 11:46:07 AM
Topic:Let's talk about macros
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I was running into lots of bugs when I was working on this, so didn't get as far as I would have liked.

That said, I was able to prototype how I'd separate editing and viewing. Also, I used hover mouseovering instead of underlining of hyperlinks. The readability of underlined links suffers too much for my tastes. Last, I added spacing between the weblog names to further improve readability.

Start here and toggle between view/edit using the hyperlinks:$4

What I learned:

If you want to make a page extremely compelling, lots more things needs to be objectified, so CSS styles can be applied at a fine level. A big win would come from giving identity to each hours group of web logs, then you could a) have a stack like UI element where a mouse-click brings up the element behind it in place or b) have a horizontal timeline where a hyperlink causes a horizontal scroll to a specific hour. In the latter case, you'd probably want to fix the number of logs in any given hour and then provide a 'more' link if that number was exceeded.

Best. Robb Beal

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