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Tomorrow's survey

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/12/2000; 7:36:21 PM
Topic:Tomorrow's survey
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I'm really getting into this survey thing. I've got a whole sequence planned out. Tomorrow's goes like this.

The idea

To find out how people self-categorize themselves.

A suit would be a busdev, marketing or sales person. A geek would be a programmer or other kind of technical person. A designer is someone with a tatoo, purple hair, long sideburns and/or pierced nipples. A board member would be a VC or angel investor or retired but semi-active cashed out former entrepreneur.

The purpose of the survey is to capture the color of the current Scripting News audience, without asking what color you are.

BTW, all the people who split hairs over surveys are clearly geeks!

"mister ed"

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