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Re: Open/Closed Source Software

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/22/2000; 7:29:52 AM
Topic:Open/Closed Source Software
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How about this -- no barriers, no wars, no bluster.

Let's make software, and presume friendship until proven otherwise.

Raymond, and O'Reilly (to a lesser extent) have been (IMHO) polarizing things, forming an exclusive club, and hurting the software process by doing so.

Let's move beyond zealotry, finally, it didn't work, the only thing that works is let everyone decide for themselves what they want to do, and quit blustering.

I learned a lot about this when I got to know Brian Behlendorf, a programmer who actually makes open source software. I found we had a lot more in common than Raymond and O'Reilly would have you believe.

That pisses me off. These guys are PR mouthpieces, and they've been telling the wrong story.

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