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Re: Email to Brian Behlendorf

Author:Mary Mack
Posted:4/24/2000; 9:50:10 AM
Topic:Email to Brian Behlendorf
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Dave, I'm confused about what I am reading.

The open source community is a natural ally for the patent fight you are instigating. There's been lots of cooperation with O'Reilly and affiliates, like the content flows and weblogs.

Is there some way to bring the anger you are expressing over the skirmishes of a couple years ago re: commercial vs. free to completion? It looks to me like it is getting in the way of some good budding relationships.

I do not know Raymond or O'Reilly, but I certainly appreciate their work and that they passionately advocate for what they believe in (also one of the reasons I enjoy working with you.) Dismissing them as non programmers does not make your ideas more persuasive. Remember how you felt about being called an old hippie?

I appreciate that you risk alot by making your internal processing public. You are clearly on the horns of a major dilemma (or opportunity??). Let me know how I can support you.


BTW, I will be having some minor surgery tomorrow and may be out of it for a day or two.

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