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PR-ArtofGetting Frontier/Manila in Door!

Author:Fred Grott
Posted:6/4/2000; 5:26:59 AM
Topic:PR-ArtofGetting Frontier/Manila in Door!
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I agree that hring a PR firm at this point would be probably wasted effort. However, us Frontier Developers and Consultants are already working and truding in the trenches doing PR..I just finihs bidding on a pair of projects inclduing a community of 250 websites and an e-commerce website all deployed using the Frontier/Manila framework in which I had to give vritual 20 to 30 page essays on the benefits of deploying Frontier/Manila inlcuding cost benefit analysis to toher solutions.

I am not asking Userland to go back on their decision..but lets take a different tact..why not develop a small community or workflow website both way use use something else..then do a report outlining the cost benefit analysis, user analysis, and etc and publish on the Userland website..that way use consultants and developers would have some amminution to use to help open the door into the projects without writing 30 to 50 page essays...??

I am not suggesting that it is the total solution..its not :)

Does anyone have any other items that could be added to this solution that works in the web based environment?

Another suggestion..that Dave has hinted at so far is to have some sort of deveoloper conference..I suggest that we take this one step further and make it a Frontier/Manila developer and consultant Conference with people from both sides..and invite the press too! With lost of demos and such..yes I know it requires work! But this proabably could work better that a PR firm if some outsiders were chosen to attend..I at this time don't know how you would choose outsiders for this..but maybe this would work...:)

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