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Re: Napster / Elvis

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/29/2000; 10:34:11 AM
Topic:Napster / Elvis
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OK, here's the idea.

A new company forms, with the express purpose of acquiring one of the major music labels.

The company immediately goes public, selling 90 percent of its shares to the public. (10 percent of the shares are reserved for employee stock options, the people who write the server software and run the servers.)

Its market capitalization soars. It does to some random big music label what AOL did to Time-Warner.

Then what? We renegotiate the contracts with all the artists.

How do we make money? To use our servers, you have to pay $30 per month.

Special scholarships for college students. They get free music if they work on websites.

Most important, 65 percent of the revenue goes straight to the artist. That's why they'll be willing to renegotiate. ";->"

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