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Naming the new app

Author:Bill Seitz
Posted:7/25/2000; 10:07:07 AM
Topic:Naming the new app
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So, it sounds like the core issues are: - can't use "Pike" as name because it's taken - it's really 2 levels of product: the top specific application (playlist sharing in this case), and the platform on which it's delivered.

This is application #2 for Pike, the first being Manila-site-editing. As you end up with 10+ applications, will users have to download one large app, and then "turn on" the pieces they actually want to see? (I realize that the nature of the system means that each individual app probably doesn't add that much extra code as measured in KB of download, so that's cool.)

Maybe the GlommedName pattern is appropriate. Have one name represent the framework, then another name for a given app, which gets glued to it. FrontierRadio? RadioFrontier? RadioUserland? TunesLand?

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