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Re: What is RDF?

Author:Joshua Allen
Posted:8/21/2000; 1:27:39 PM
Topic:What is RDF?
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Constructing useful meaning inside your own head is difficult enough; meaning is complex and every attempt so far to categorize it has ended up being a testament to how poorly our brains can encompass the subject. I too vote that we keep our semantics focused on real-world problems. Complex systems behave like an ecology; we still have not figured out how to engineer the weather, and I doubt we will. Meaning is complex enough to deserve the same respect. It is natural for humans to want to engineer and rule-bind everything, but now that Lorenz has spoken, the only people who should be claiming that a Complex system can be engineered are the people who sell engineering tools.

In the semantic jungle of the web, those credulous spirits among us will devote their lives waiting for the hundred-year reign of the chosen one, while the rest of us will look for something, anything, to help us get our next meal.

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