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Free Speech or Free Stuff

Author:Joseph Cerro
Posted:9/6/2000; 7:40:10 AM
Topic:Free Speech or Free Stuff
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Interesting editorial by Nicholas Petreley on the LinuxWorld site:

"Napster and DeCSS: Is it about free speech or free stuff?"

From the editorial: "People are already addressing the issue of free software the right way. Instead of subverting an existing system of commercial software, they are creating new, open source software and publishing it. Others are trying to find ways of making money by selling and supporting this free software. Likewise, if people want music to be free, they should create free music and find new ways to distribute it. And if there's a way to make money on this, someone will find it. We all have the right and opportunity to create new ways of doing things. We do not have a right to subvert existing systems just because we have the technology to do so and want free stuff."

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