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Re: Petreley on Open Source advocacy? Not!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/7/2000; 6:39:33 AM
Topic:Free Speech or Free Stuff
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Is there a question or a point here? If so, I'm having trouble finding it. I thought the piece was interesting, that's why I pointed to it, and I'm a longtime reader of Petreley's and he's a good writer, and really uses software, so he usually has something interesting to say.

I wouldn't say his pov is opposed to mine, diametrically or otherwise. I believe artists should be paid for their work if that's the way it was published. I've said this many times. I even have a selfish interest in this, as an artist who publishes his work commercially (I also do open source) I feel that the open source "community" has a chance here, through its parsing of the Napster situation, to see a bug in their position re commercial software. I said as much in my comments. Repeated here for your reading convenience.

Even so, I often point to people who disagree with me. In no way does a pointer on Scripting News imply an endorsement of the view being linked to. I believe my readers have minds and can benefit from hearing more than one point of view. I know this is unusual, but it's a tradition that goes way back. Some pubs are just house organs, presenting the views of their management and nothing more. That's unweblike in my humble opinion. Eventually the smart people go elsewhere. Those are the people I want.

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