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scriptingNews outline for 4/6/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/6/2001; 7:44:26 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/6/2001
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Interesting story in the WSJ about MSN and NetDocs. "Microsoft said the NetDocs team would be shifted inside the larger Office organization, effectively ending those separate efforts." I was paying attention to NetDocs because it seemed to be in similar space to the combination of Radio and Manila.

Two emails in three minutes from Red Herring, offering a discount on a conference. But the discount went down by $305 in the three minutes. Heh.

Looks like O'Reilly is doing free weblog hosting?

Paul Andrews called to say that the new issue of Wired is out with the profile in it of me.

Well I guess the Wired profile must be OK, I just got an email from Paul Baker, a roommate from Madison, 20 years ago. It's funny I imagined he would be the same as he was then (clearly not from the pic), and that he got a PhD is pretty amazing, if you knew him then. It's so nice to hear from him though, I can't tell you.

More good news, Sally Khudari, who's the closest thing to the soul of the Web, has had a successful treatment of her cancer, it's in remission, and she started a Manila site to talk about it. Nice!!

All the servers are back on the air now, thanks to Brent's round-the-clock work over the last few days. We had crossed a bunch of scaling walls, and did not respond in time. So we paid the price this week. Sorry for the downtime, we learned a bunch so hopefully it won't happen much more. But if we get more press, uhh well, we'll see what happens.

Epinions released open source XML-RPC implementations for C/expat and PHP. Thanks!

Deborah Branscum quotes a PR flack quoting Marc Andreessen: "The malleable UI and the cascading business logic turn isolated corporate data silos and Web data into relational databases that are easily managed by the business professional who needs the information." Nice!

Benjamin Franklin: "If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worthy reading, or do things worth the writing."

An edited version of Don Box's history of SOAP appeared on XML.Com a couple of days ago.

Good morning Web Services fans! Permanent link to 'Good morning Web Services fans!' in archives.

And welcome to xmlStorageSystem, the storage backbone for Internet 3.0. It's a refinement of the back-end services for Radio UserLand, but open and documented, so that it can be implemented in other environments. Please do.

Jacob Levy asks questions about xmlStorageSystem, and I answer. Should we add more features or leave it alone? I'm inclined to add more features.

Frontier and Radio users, glue was released late last night. Update Frontier.root or Radio.root, and jump to xmlStorageSystem. There's also a new verb, xml.rpc, that hides most of the differences between SOAP and XML-RPC.

If you come up with new or innovative applications of this technology, or have an idea of what you may do with it and are excited, whether you use our technology or not, please post a note on the XML-RPC discussion group. Reporters ask for examples of users doing happy stuff with Web Services, and so far the users are confused (or like Radio users writing for a Manila site, don't even know they're using web services). So here's a win-win, if you're doing this stuff for real, let's get the word out.

Will we do a validator for xmlStorageSystem? Good idea. It would be quite straightforward.

A few days ago a note appeared on a mail list about Eazel starting work on something that sounds like what we're doing. Here's an open invitation to work together.

The XML-RPC mail list is a good place to coordinate.

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