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scriptingNews outline for 4/7/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/7/2001; 5:29:58 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/7/2001
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NY Times: "Con Edison engineers say they have been taken aback by the fact that the 46 server farms have asked for a minimum draw of 500 megawatts of electricity roughly the amount of power required by 500,000 homes."

Salon: "Like Firefly, Media Unbound is offering a personalized recommendation system that will suggest bands you might enjoy, based on ones that you already like. Unlike Firefly, Media Unbound does what it promises to do: introduce new, obscure bands you'll actually like."

Want to know what floats my boat? Simon Fell is using Manila's SOAP interface to record the results of his soapbuilders interop testing. Now we're getting to the interesting stuff.

Google now has a translator. (Beta.)

Here's an RFC for a spec I'd like to participate in writing.

David McCusker: "This post doesn't qualify as hacking the planet, and it's meta material at best."

Programmers: "A programmer is a rigorous scientist determined to coax the truth out of the ones and zeros."

Here's an unqualified hack, but not on a planetary scale.

Glenn Fleishman started an 802.11b Manila weblog.

Eric Kidd, open source programmer par excellence, has an XML-RPC Hacks page, with lots of cool hacks, of course.

Josh Lucas: "Looking at some of the code in the Reef module, I was able to create an HTML widget which loads the home page for this site via XML-RPC."

DocServer page for a new Frontier/Radio verb that flattens the client interfaces for XML-RPC and SOAP. The server side was already flat, any XML-RPC handler can become a SOAP handler, by linking to the script in the user.soap.rpcHandlers hierarchy.

I cross-posted a note to the XML-RPC and soapbuilders mail lists, cc'd to the Frontier and Radio developer lists. "I'm wearing my asbestos raincoat, so go for it, let's have fun!"

The soapbox guy is writing about Napster.

A pic of Meg at KnowNow. She looks happy!

A new entry-point for xmlStorageSystem.

One foot on the platform Permanent link to 'One foot on the platform' in archives.

There's this great Little Feat song, like all great Little Feat songs, it says something at a dozen different levels.

"My baby calls me up, why don't you ever take me out?" So he takes her out. "The music was hot, but my baby was not." He's got a rocket in his pocket. "She's got one foot on the platform and the other on the train."

So visualize one foot on the platform and one foot on the train, and you can appreciate what it's like to be working on SOAP interop while remaining true to the XML-RPC community.

Neither community really wants to recognize the other. XML-RPC says "Who needs SOAP? It's complicated and messy and likely to be dominated by Microsoft." On the other hand, SOAP, for some reason, doesn't want to embrace XML-RPC. Why? I've never had this adequately explained to me.

So which is the platform and which is the train?

Only time will tell..

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