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Anti-trust problem or opportunity?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/27/1998; 11:36:17 AM
Topic:Anti-trust problem or opportunity?
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Read this story in today's SJ Merc...

I was going to point to this piece from Scripting News, but decided to try it the other way around.

Here's what I find interesting about this. Why the rush to get the government in the loop? Instead of seeing a threat to competition, why not see it as a competitive opportunity?

If there's a desire for a non-Microsoft/AOL browser, why couldn't one be created instead of trying to force Netscape to stay independent, when they clearly don't want to be. (BTW, we can look back now and say with virtual certainty that some of their actions must have been designed to make them more attractive to an acquirer.)

Wouldn't it be better for these people to support and work with companies that don't want to be owned by AOL or Microsoft?

Just a thought. I, for one, abhor the idea of the government getting in the middle of these kinds of deals. It means that the future of technology will be debated in the Sentate and the House, and that's just plain stupid, AFAIK.


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