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Is John Doerr Untouchable?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/27/1998; 1:42:58 PM
Topic:Anti-trust problem or opportunity?
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I don't know, whatever happened to American ingenuity?

I guess investors wouldn't fund any exciting new net client software. They're all too busy investing in me-too products and services, as they always are.

I don't think Microsoft is to blame, I think the blame goes to the people with the money who have very limited imaginations. Not a contrarian bet anywhere in sight, but the conventional wisdom is so often wrong or late.

I remember everyone thought Microsoft had it sewn up in the early 90s, after Windows had finished its rout of the Macintosh as the leading desktop platform. Then the Internet came along and changed everything.

Instead of looking to the past, I'd like the government to let bygones be bygones and do things to encourage John Doerr and his friends to really start taking some risks so that the future won't be just like the past.


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