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No Semaphores Rendering and Nirvana

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:1/21/1999; 12:51:20 AM
Topic:Troubleshooting a Nirvana Server installation
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With Nirvana and mainResponder it's best to use no-semaphores rendering.

If you don't, you may sometimes see errors like:

"Sorry! There was an error: Semaphore timer expired after 3600 sixtieths of a second."

Also, no-semaphores rendering enhances the performance of Nirvana. It's better able to handle multiple simultaneous requests. It eliminates page rendering deadlocks.

There are two steps to turning off website framework semaphores.

1) Make sure that all your dynamic sites use html.getPageTableAddress () rather than

2) Once that's done, jump to user.html.prefs.useSemaphores and set it to false.

More info about the useSemaphores preference:

Note: this change does not disable semaphores in general. It's very specific, it tells the website framework not to use semaphores to protect the page table address. The website framework was changed so that there's no need to protect the page table address, as long as you use html.getPageTableAddress ().

If you're using semaphores in your own code, they will continue to work as expected.

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