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My Poor Desktop

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/19/1999; 11:19:19 AM
Topic:My Poor Desktop
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On Windows NT4/SP3, when I installed Communicator 4.5, MSIE 5.0b2 wouldn't work anymore. After restarting (required by Netscape) my desktop reverted to the Active Desktop look, and all my desktop shortcuts were gone. The OS forgot everything about me. It's displaying filenames without extensions. I have no idea how to get those back, I'll figure it out though.

The one thing I've been stumbling over in rebuilding my world is how to get the font to be right in MSIE. No matter what I do, I can't get it to display in Arial. I've re-installed MSIE twice now from and still the fonts in the browser are an ugly serif font. I can't give up on this, as you know I've been working in MSIE and Frontier lately, getting my control panel together. It works, I see the text on the page, but the pages display in the wrong font. It matters, a lot..

If you have any ideas how I could get back in good stead with MSIE, please chime in. I figure this is karma, I got some of Netscape's angst on my hard drive now, I guess this payback for all the trouble I've created for them in the past. Just kidding! Well, hmmm. Maybe not? Whatever..

BTW, Netscape made themselves the default browser and emailer without asking. Also, I'd love to get my hands on a version of Netscape's browser without all the extra crap. Best possible, just one EXE file. Come on it can't be that hard! (It's got to be their number one feature request.)

Another BTW, it was impossible to download MSIE using Netscape. I had to install, at one point, an old version of MSIE from a CDROM so I could download a fresh install. I would be surprised if Microsoft deliberately broke this particular site in Netscape. Think about it.

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