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Frontier runtime

Author:Michel Benevento
Posted:3/10/1999; 6:25:28 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/5/99
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Frontier without UI would actually be a great idea on any OS. This would enable me to deploy a custom built suite at a client's site without exposing the code.

As far as 'UNIX' is concerned; I would like to see if and how Frontier performs in a) MacOS X Server's Blue Box and b) MacOS X (if and when they ship). This would give us some of the UNIX-buzzword compliancy we all need - not that I really need it: I have very good experiences with MacOS 8.x as a server. Question: Has Userland investigated a (allegedly easy) MacOS X port? Any plans? Commitments?

A Linux runtime of course would be prefereable, in terms of OS momentum and credibility. This could be developed by a third party and sold for big bucks to corporate customers (I'd buy it).

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