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Re: Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT

Author:Nicholas Riley
Posted:3/18/1999; 1:13:13 PM
Topic:Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT
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Perhaps if MS would port IIS to MOSXServer Apple would be willing to do a new comparison. That seems fair to me...

For the same reason, this wouldn't be doable. IIS relies heavily on the Windows model of programming, and if you're to believe what you read, undocumented APIs in Windows and assumptions about the behavior of the NT kernel; in fact, Apache for Windows has changed its process/threading model to accomodate Windows because the performance with a direct port the UNIX version (also in MOSXS) did not provide adequate performance. So, were Microsoft to port IIS to Mac OS X Server or any UNIX-derived operating system, much of it would need to be rewritten, and you wouldn't really even be talking about the same software any more.

Apple's benchmark seemed very simple: what kind of performance, given Apache as a web server, and any underlying OS, can you reasonably expect having paid a certain fixed amount for the hardware and software, and for the most part using stock equipment? Take a look at this page:

It compares three machines, all using a UNIX-derived version of Apache (Linux, Mac OS X Server, and Solaris). I assume they are in the same price range; they both look like reasonably low-end server machines.


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