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Help! (Re: consoleSuite.getMsgTable)

Author:David Theige
Posted:4/23/1999; 9:45:04 AM
Topic:Nirvana is getting closer...
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One problem solved! In consoleSuite.getMsgTable: change this:

with consoleData.servers.[consoleSite.["#newsServer"]] {

to this:

with consoleData.servers.[adrSiteRootTable^.["#newsServer"]] {

With this fix the "Update Today's News" form underneath the preview of today's news on the default page of a console site will contain the proper text.

Drat! I've exchanged one problem for another. Now, although the text in the form is correct, the submit button "Update Today's News" causes an error message:

"Sorry! There was an error: Can't evaluate the expression because the name "adrSiteRootTable" hasn't been defined."

The discussion group message, and thus the news page *are* actually updated, but something breaks in consoleSuite.editTodaysNews after that, so I'm not successfully redirected back to an updated console page.

I think (??) the problem is related to this line in consoleSuite.editTodaysNews:

add ("

I don't think (??) "adrSiteRootTable" is in the param table for glue/newsPost.

Any suggestions?

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