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the frontiers of Frontierô

Author:Tom Fuerstner
Posted:9/3/1999; 7:40:44 AM
Topic:the frontiers of Frontierô
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or what happens if you take frontier serious.

the more i work with frontier on websites that generate high traffic the more weakness of its original system design start to appear.

e.g. tha last weeks i have tried to extend the mainresponder functionalities and i am sorry to say even though i restricted myself to use just the prebuilt way by using the mainresponder.callback routines i had fight all the time with strange errors. ( a lot of redirect errors, invalid path errors etc.)finally i gave up.

i also have lot of problems how the discussiongroups deals with membership. the members-table as a datastructure is simply to flat. everything works as long as you dont have to deal with no more than 1000 members. But try to work with 10.000 members or how i have to with 137.000 . Try to do some usertracking or personalization-stuff. it will simply not work. in this case you have to use an external database which forces you to rebuild many things in the mainresponder. in this situations it is shown very clear that usertalk has to adopt more object oriented structures and to use a much better database addon ( the odbc stuff simple does not do the trick. me personally i overcame the problem by using a refurbished version of the old oo-suite bee inc. in combination with a FileMaker database.( this menas a nice workaround but not the industrial strength i am looking for )

i know that some of my problems will be addressed with the next releases of Frontier and the port to Linux. But other things are undeniable related very much to the original system design of frontier which starts to show its age.

by, tom fuerstner

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